Bored / Ugly

by Earthmother

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Two songs written this past winter.


released February 25, 2016

Art by Sergio Betalleluz
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Colombo



all rights reserved


Earthmother Florida

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Track Name: Bored
how I long to taste the void
I just want to leave
where you can't follow me
It's been forever since I've met euphoria
I want to experience that feeling again

just like before
happiness escapes me
someone told me to smile, i lash out
I want something more exciting
I'm just too scared of change
I just want to leave forever

I want nothing to do with living

there is no pleasure in this life
thus I end it
or will I?
I've been searching for so long
looking for a different muse
which wants no part of me

I miss feeling something more
than desperation
everyday I open my eyes
wishing they were shut
I deserve more

I deserve everything

just leave me alone
but don't disappear

am I unhappy
or am I just bored?
excitement reaches for me
corrosive to the touch

years of crawling
the only solution
Track Name: Ugly
don't look at me
symmetry find me first
imperfect stain
the standard of beauty
I relent it all should belong to me
you swear I'm selfish
I'm just ambitious

overly critical
not nearly enough
I would trade my life
if I could just be so much more in the ground

flesh stripped away
fat trimmed from the vessel
blemishes burned from the flesh
the highest of honors
belongs to me

I thought I told you
not to look at me

not till I am perfect
will these scars fade
remnants of my old flesh still resurface
years of longing now content
years of longing still I want more

sleep doesn't belong to me
until I can wear your skin
it always comes back
memories flood into my head

ugly, I don't want to be
ugly, I don't want them to see

don't look at me

I don't want to be remembered in ugly skin
immortalized in false porcelain

don't look at me